Philippine Islamic Extremism

The battle against “Islamic State” fighters turned Marawi, Philippines into a ghost town. But more than a year after the Philippine government regained control, Islamic extremism remains a threat. Germany’s International Broadcaster Deutsche Welle (DW) reports on what one of the Islamic fighter’s hopes are in establishing an Islamic state. -o-o-O-o-o- “Our original plan was… Continue reading Philippine Islamic Extremism

25 Biggest U.S. Retailer’s Workers/CEOs 2017 Pay

res and fast-food outlets across the country, here’s what typical employees and store managers earn and how their pay compares with compensation for top corporate executives. 25. YUM! Brands Retail sales: $17.97 billion; based in Louisville, Kentucky. (You know the company as KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell). What typical jobs pay on average: Crew… Continue reading 25 Biggest U.S. Retailer’s Workers/CEOs 2017 Pay

Reinventing Civil Defense

The U.S. Government Hasn’t Made It Easy To Know What to Do When the Bomb Drops. Although they might be aware of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un’s threats to incinerate American cities or the latest line of Russia’s hypersonic nuclear weapons most Americans—particularly younger ones who did not live through the most dangerous days of… Continue reading Reinventing Civil Defense

VA OCONUS Connection April 2018

A Newsletter for Veterans Residing Abroad A Newsletter for Veterans Residing Abroad Issue Number Five  |  April 2018 From the Director’s Desk We continue to get great feedback to VA OCONUS Connection!  The consistent message is that you want more tips and helpful information on filing claims.  I hear this same request from Veterans in and around… Continue reading VA OCONUS Connection April 2018

HASC NDAA 2019 Bill

HASC FY19 NDAA En Bloc Amendments Subcommittee Bloc # Sponsor Description Results 2 Emerging Threats EB1 7 Banks Directs the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress on the international proliferation of autonomous weapons and the use of autonomous intelligence, cyber weapons, and machine learning in cyber operations passed 3 Emerging Threats EB1 021r1 Gabbard… Continue reading HASC NDAA 2019 Bill