Agent Orange Laos Victims Never Acknowledged by U.S.

It was a blazing-hot morning in October 2019 on the old Ho Chi Minh Trail, an intricate web of truck roads and secret paths that wove its way across the densely forested and mountainous border between Vietnam and Laos. Susan Hammond, Jacquelyn Chagnon and Niphaphone Sengthong forded a rocky stream along the trail and came… Continue reading Agent Orange Laos Victims Never Acknowledged by U.S.

Overworked Navy Carrier Fleet

Navy aircraft carrier operations are up 40 percent this year over last year, even as the service has fewer available for tasking due to maintenance and acquisition challenges. From January through Oct. 31, U.S. carriers had spent a combined total of 855 days at sea – 258 days more than all of 2019, according to… Continue reading Overworked Navy Carrier Fleet

Army Base Historic Names

Gen. Mark Milley The secret history of Confederate post names the Army never wanted you to see Nearly two hours into a Congressional hearing on the military’s role in the June crackdown on protesters in Washington’s Lafayette Square, Rep. Anthony Brown (D-Md.) was focused on something else: Why does the U.S. Army still have 10… Continue reading Army Base Historic Names

Veterans Day Discounts 2020

Veterans Day 2020 is on Wednesday, Nov. 11th, 2020. This Veterans Day discounts list will continue to be updated as we learn of more nationally available Veterans Day discounts, meals or other ways businesses and organizations want to give back to Veterans. These Veterans Day discounts, free meals and other programs are being shared so that Veterans,… Continue reading Veterans Day Discounts 2020

Excise Tax Hikes

Can States Close Pandemic Budget Deficits with Them? The pandemic-induced economic crisis will affect almost every meaningful source of state revenue. Historically, income taxes are more volatile than sales and excise taxes and fall more sharply during a recession, but this crisis is unique inasmuch as social distancing and shelter-in-place orders, along with mandatory closures… Continue reading Excise Tax Hikes

Air Force 2019 RAO Contact Info

Alabama – Area IX MAXWELL ~ Phone: 334-953-6725 Email: [email protected] Alaska – Area XIV BASE ELEMENDORF-RICHARDSON ~ Phone: 907-384-3500 Email: [email protected] Arizona – Area III DAVIS-MONTHAN ~ Phone: 520-228-5100 Email: [email protected] LUKE ~ Phone: 623-856-3923 Email: [email protected] Arkansas – Area VII LITTLE ROCK ~ Phone: 501-987-6095 Toll Free: 877-815-3111 Email: [email protected] California – Area II… Continue reading Air Force 2019 RAO Contact Info

Lead Poisoning

The Army Thought He Was Faking His Health Issues. Turns Out He Had Chronic Lead Poisoning. At age 30, Stephen Hopkins was back in the Army for a second time. After serving as an enlisted soldier from 1991 to 1995, he returned as an officer in 2000. He was a man who routinely maxed fitness… Continue reading Lead Poisoning