Veteran Jobs – 2023 Feb 02

As a veteran, you have many valuable skills and experiences that translate well to the civilian workforce. The following job opportunities are available for veterans, offering a wide range of careers across several industries.

  1. Soldier’s Home – Multiple Healthcare Roles – MA: If you have experience in the healthcare field, the Soldier’s Home in Massachusetts is hiring for multiple roles, including nursing and support staff.
  2. Senior Handy Services – Field Technician – MD: If you are skilled in handy work, Senior Handy Services in Maryland is looking for a Field Technician to provide home repair services for seniors.
  3. YWCA – Director of Human Resources – VA: For those with a background in human resources, the YWCA in Virginia is hiring a Director of Human Resources to oversee HR operations.
  4. Construction Surveillance Technician – Columbia, SC & Huntsville, AL: If you have experience in construction and security, you may be interested in the Construction Surveillance Technician positions available in Columbia, SC and Huntsville, AL.
  5. Security Specialist – Columbia, SC: If you have security experience, a Security Specialist position is available in Columbia, SC.
  6. Director of Business Development – Phoenix, AZ & Atlanta, GA: If you have experience in business development, the Director of Business Development position is available in Phoenix, AZ and Atlanta, GA.
  7. General Manager- Coffee Bar – San Francisco, CA: If you have experience in the food and beverage industry, the General Manager position at a coffee bar in San Francisco, CA may be a good fit for you.
  8. Field Marketing Specialist – Albany, NY: If you have experience in marketing, a Field Marketing Specialist position is available in Albany, NY.
  9. HVAC and Generator Technicians – Springfield, NJ: If you have experience in HVAC and generators, HVAC and Generator Technician positions are available in Springfield, NJ.
  10. Human Resources Manager – Minneapolis, MN: If you have experience in human resources, a Human Resources Manager position is available in Minneapolis, MN.
  11. Cloud Application Engineer – Pittsburgh, PA: If you have experience in software engineering, a Cloud Application Engineer position is available in Pittsburgh, PA.
  12. Office Assistant – Huger, SC: If you are looking for an administrative role, an Office Assistant position is available in Huger, SC.
  13. Sales Representative – Remote: For those who prefer to work from home, a Sales Representative position is available remotely.
  14. Electrical Engineer – Remote: If you have experience in electrical engineering, an Electrical Engineer position is available remotely.
  15. Assistant Manager Storage – Harrisburg, PA: If you have experience in storage management, an Assistant Manager Storage position is available in Harrisburg, PA.
  16. Speech Therapist – TX (Remote): If you have experience as a speech therapist, a Speech Therapist position is available remotely in Texas.

These job opportunities offer a range of careers for veterans, from healthcare and construction to business development and marketing. With many positions available both on-site and remotely, veterans have the flexibility to choose a career that fits their needs and skills.