HASC NDAA 2019 Bill



Subcommittee Bloc # Sponsor Description Results

2 Emerging Threats EB1 7 Banks Directs the Secretary of Defense to report to Congress on the international proliferation of autonomous weapons and the use of autonomous intelligence, cyber weapons, and machine learning in cyber operations passed
3 Emerging Threats EB1 021r1 Gabbard Requires a report from SECDEF on chemical weapons and precursors in the aftermath of the US strikes on facilities in Syria passed
4 Emerging Threats EB1 52 Hice Directs the Secretary of Defense to submit a plan to the defense committees on how the Department of Defense will partner with universities and private industry on cyber education passed
5 Emerging Threats EB1 66 Larsen Requires a briefing on DTRA status of implementing recommendations made in a Joint Staff analysis of Operation United Assistance passed
6 Emerging Threats EB1 67 Larsen Directs ONR to brief on initiatives which support university research into autonomous systems passed
7 Emerging Threats EB1 094r1 Thornberry Modifications to the Global Engagement Center passed
8 Emerging Threats EB1 143 Gabbard Directs the DoD to provide a report on its preparedness to provide noncontiguous states with temporary relief and emergency work in the aftermath of an emergency incident passed
9 Emerging Threats EB1 147 Cheney Amends the National Hypersonics Initiative directive report language in the ETC mark to include information on impacts the INF Treaty has on the research, development, prototyping, testing, or employment of hypersonic vehicle technology passed
10 Emerging Threats EB2 125r1 Hunter Briefing on current and planned US support to Ukrainian special operations and land forces training passed
11 Emerging Threats EB2 185r1 Rosen Directs the Secretary of Defense to provide a briefing to the committee on the status and evolution of automated cyber defense capabilities, to include those that automatically detect and mitigate malware and other threats passed
12 Emerging Threats EB2 189r1 Shuster Directs the Department of Defense to provide a briefing to the committee on steps it is taking to protect autonomous systems from cyber attacks passed
13 Emerging Threats EB2 196 Langevin Requires a briefing on methods to safeguard defense industrial base (DIB) critical technologies and supply chains passed
14 Emerging Threats EB2 239 Murphy Directs the SECDEF to provide a briefing on actions taken to identify and address data collection, analysis, and sharing issues that limit robust modeling and simulation passed
15 Emerging Threats EB2 243 Scott Amends the urban warfare training report section to include an assessment on the feasibility of utilizing current private facilities passed
16 Emerging Threats EB2 249r1 Gallagher Directs a briefing outlining the resources and recommendations required to fully address the requirements of section 1653 of the FY17 NDAA regarding continuous monitoring capabilities and a comply-to-connect policy passed
17 Emerging Threats EB2 321r2 Khanna DRL requiring the Secretary of Defense to provide a detailed briefing to the HASC detailing information security technologies the Department employs to protect the official unclassified email and official unclassifed mobile communications of its employees passed
18 Emerging Threats EB3 148 Smith Directs the Commandant of the Marine Corps to provide a briefing on a nonlethal weapon system passed
19 Emerging Threats EB3 176 Stefanik Expresses support for advanced ceramics capabilities and requires the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering to provide a briefing on dualuse ceramic capabilities passed
20 Emerging Threats EB3 213 Panetta Requires the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment to provide a briefing on how Hacking for Defense may be expanded to support DOD’s innovation and entrepreneurial efforts, including how it is currently used with DOD and may be further levereaged in DOD universities and PME programs passed
21 Emerging Threats EB3 314r1 Turner SBIR/STTR programs shall be authorized to spend 3% of funds for administrative purposes and provide DOD expanded phase flexibility passed
22 Emerging Threats EB3 320r1 Carbajal Authorize Pilot program on for a cyber security training center for the Army National Guard passed
23 Emerging Threats EB3 329r1 Russell Directs the SECDEF to provide a briefing to HASC with an update on current DOD programs to Counter Class I and II UAS passed
24 Emerging Threats EB3 334 Hunter Cargo inspections to counter vehicle borne IED threats passed
25 Emerging Threats EB3 398 Thornberry Secretary of the Navy to provide a briefing on the Automated Test and Retest Program 402 O’Rourke Add reporting on ex gratia payments to existing report on civilian casualties passed
26 Tactical Air and Land EB1 372r1 Knight Authorizes procurement of additional F-35’s through the use of program cost savings passed
27 Tactical Air and Land EB1 6 Banks Directs the Secretary of the Army to provide a Congressional briefing to update on the disparity between need for tactical communications and protective systems and procurement levels passed
28 Tactical Air and Land EB1 40 Wilson Directs the Secretary of the Army to provide a briefing to the House Committee on Armed Services by September 28, 2018 on current development efforts to address and resolve concerns regarding electro-optic and infrared sensor capabilities within the SBS program passed
29 Tactical Air and Land EB1 76 Cook Directs the Secretary of the Army to provide a briefing to the HASC concerning the future plans and modifications of the M58 Mine Clearing Line Charge (MICLIC) passed
30 Tactical Air and Land EB1 121 Hunter Briefing on MDC2 capabilities passed
31 Tactical Air and Land EB1 150 Carbajal Requires a report on the development and procurement of combat equipment and clothing for female service members in combat occupations passed
32 Tactical Air and Land EB1 166 Shea-Porter Requires a report on plans to outfit all current and future CH-47s with the improved thermal acoustic blanket and the status of the material and logistics supply chain’s incorporation of this new specification and the schedule for fielding and production passed
33 Tactical Air and Land EB1 259 Gallagher Directs the Secretary of the Army to provide a briefing on the Army’s current acquisition strategy and sustainment strategy for FMTV’s and FHTV’s passed
34 Tactical Air and Land EB1 300 Conaway Directs Secretary of the Navy to provide a study on current and future ASW systems passed
35 Tactical Air and Land EB1 388r1 Turner Would direct the SecAF to provide a briefing on remotely piloted aircrafts and a report on aircraft platforms passed
36 Tactical Air and Land EB2 133 Wilson Requires the Secretary of the Navy to provide a briefing on operational details of the DDG-51 SWaP receiver, including capabilities and any challenges associated with integration of NGHMS and subsequently onto the MH-60R platform passed
37 Tactical Air and Land EB2 140r1 Gaetz Directs Secretary of the Air Force to provide a briefing to the HASC not later than February 15, 2019, on Air Force plans to fund technologies which lead to low-cost, high performance turbofan engines of up to 1,200 pounds of thrust passed
38 Tactical Air and Land EB2 177 Hunter Briefing on integration of JAGM-F for Navy and USMC passed
39 Tactical Air and Land EB2 190 Larsen Directs SecNav to brief on engine noise reduction engineering efforts for F/A-18 series aircraft passed
40 Tactical Air and Land EB2 264r1 Gallagher Directs a briefing on acquisition strategies to rapidly procure Deployable Air Base Systems in order to address identified PACOM capability gaps passed
41 Tactical Air and Land EB2 280 Brooks Progress on funds allocated to develop government-owned solution that enable accelerated integration of new missile capabilities into the Army Integrated Air and Missile Defense program passed
42 Tactical Air and Land EB2 311 Conaway Directs Secretary of the Navy to provide HASC and SASC briefing on CVW long range strike capabilities passed
43 Tactical Air and Land EB2 350 Knight Requires the Secretary of Defense to provide a report on DOD target and threat systems used in development test and operational test and operational training environments passed
44 Tactical Air and Land EB2 364 Kelly Supports the FY19 for CREW Devices (Modi II) and directs the Army to coordinate and harmonize the requirements, acquisition efforts and program of record of CREW electronic counter measure systems passed
45 Tactical Air and Land EB2 375 Lamborn Requires the Secretary of the Army to provide a briefing that outlines potential courses of action to begin immediate procurement of Assured Position Navigation and Timing (APNT) systems, subject to successful test and evaluations passed
46 Tactical Air and Land EB2 389 Turner Authorizes use of JSTARS Recap program funding to maintain the program office’s functionality passed
47 Seapower and Projections Forces EB1 31 Wittman Technical correction related to the Ready Reserve Fleet 032 Wittman Clarifies a C-130J provision by striking “Secretary of the Navy” and inserting “Secretary of the Air Force” 058r1 Larsen Expresses the Sense of Congress in support of industry and the Air Force ensuring that the first KC-46A tanker is delivered in FY 2018 118 Hunter Degaussing for DDG 51 passed
48 Seapower and Projections Forces EB1 119 Hunter Requires the Secretary of the Navy to provide a briefing on ordnance disposal recovery operations passed
49 Seapower and Projections Forces EB1 195 Larsen Amends language on logistics support contract for VC-25B to synchronize with existing agreement on program structure passed
50 Seapower and Projections Forces EB1 217 McSally Waives the 30-day post certification waiting period for the Compass Call cross deck initiative passed
51 Seapower and Projections Forces EB1 363 Kelly Requires the Secretary of the Navy to provide a report on the effect of the revised US and Israel Memorandum of Understanding on the merchant mariner fleet passed
52 Seapower and Projections Forces EB1 365r1 Kelly Encourages the Secretary of the Navy to emphasize concepts of risk reduction, commonality with existing platform equipment and reduced acquisition and lifecycle and sustainment costs to provide a best value solution for the Navy’s new guided missile frigate missile program passed
53 Seapower and Projections Forces EB2 132 Smith Encourages the Air Force to explore the possibility of upgrading the C-130H flight engineer overhead control panel using readily available off the shelf technology passed
54 Seapower and Projections Forces EB2 180 Hunter Addresses misc USCG authorities passed
55 Seapower and Projections Forces EB2 236r1 Courtney Directs the SECNAV to provide a briefing on theater anti-submarine warfare and undersea surveillance prototypes and operational gaps with respect to the Deployables Program of Record passed
56 Seapower and Projections Forces EB2 272 Garamendi 30 Days prior to the purchase of a vessel, Congress must be notified and provided with the criteria used to make the vessel determination. This notice shall also act as a 30-day wait period for Congress to review the determination before the Navy and MARAD can finalize the vessel purchase passed
57 Seapower and Projections Forces EB2 275 Garamendi USCG technical corrections bill passed
58 Seapower and Projections Forces EB2 296 Conaway Changes law from 11 to 12 carriers passed
59 Seapower and Projections Forces EB2 312 Conaway Established Training vessel capacity sharing program passed
60 Seapower and Projections Forces EB2 313r1 Conaway Prohibits funds by the Maritime Administration for the procurement of any used vessel passed
61 Readiness EB1 5 Banks Directs Director of Cost Assessment and Program Evaluation to find more efficient ways for Active and Reserve personnel to complete mandatory training requirements and report to Congress on cost options to consolidate training systems passed
62 Readiness EB1 043r1 Tsongas Requires a briefing by the Office of the Secretary of Defense on the Department’s use of workplace accommodations like telework and flexible work schedules. Does not give Department any new authorities passed
63 Readiness EB1 072r1 Cook Allows the establishment of a protected microwave communications site with a federally protected wilderness area passed
64 Readiness EB1 134 Gabbard Requires the Secretary of Defense to provide a report on the Regional Biosecurity Plan for Micronesia and Hawaii, which is a strategic plan led by the Department of Defense to prevent and control the introduction of invasive species in the Pacific passed
65 Readiness EB1 191 Gaetz Transportation on military aircraft on a space-available basis for disabled veterans with a service connected permanent disability rated as total passed
66 Readiness EB1 214 Panetta DRL on the findings of the Close Combat Lethality Task Force established by Sec Mattis in Feb 2018 passed
67 Readiness EB1 219 Bishop Directs OSD to deliver a report detailing how Major Range and Test Facility Bases plan to more effectively incorporate advanced 5th generation testing and improve efficiencies of range scheduling between competing services and priorities passed
68 Readiness EB1 240 Murphy Directs the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Energy, Installations, and Environment to provide a briefing on the Department’s efforts to leverage energy efficient technologies in deployed structures passed
69 Readiness EB1 319 Turner Authorizes DOD to create a grant program to which private DOD housing entities may request funds to retrofit or replace existing windows to include fall prevention devices passed
70 Readiness EB1 335 Bordallo Establishes an Army Center of Excellence for advance/additive manufacturing techniques and capabilities, and improvements for component parts and logistics needs that support the Army organic industrial base. Consults Army Cyber COE for appropriate cyber protections passed
71 Readiness EB1 399 Wilson Would direct a briefing on life cycle costs to acquisition programs passed
72 Readiness EB2 24 Brown Authorizes a conveyance of 40 acres of land from the USNA Dairy Farm to Anne Arundel County, Maryland, contingent on certain considerations and considerations passed
73 Readiness EB2 034r1 Wittman Requires a report to better utilize CONUS training facilities for anti-terrorism training as well as identify any training backlogs or facilities infrastructure shortfalls that exist to accomplish such training passed
74 Readiness EB2 85 Gabbard Sense of Congress that the DoD should provide Adversary Air capabilities to all facilities housing F-22s, to improve the training capabilities of F-22 squadrons passed
75 Readiness EB2 151 Carbajal Requires a report on water security on military installations passed
76 Readiness EB2 188r1 Shuster Expresses support of the committee for research and development of the secure fuels initiatives through the Operational Energy Capabilities Improvement Fund passed
77 Readiness EB2 216 McSally Expresses the importance of organic attack aviator training within the Army National Guard at the Western Army Aviation Training Site and the Easter Army Aviation Training Site passed
78 Readiness EB2 234 Speier Requires DOD to conduct security clearance reinvestigations of senior leaders who engage in sexual assault or harassment, even if those individuals are retiring from the military or civilian service passed
79 Readiness EB2 244r1 Scott Require a briefing from the Secretary of the Army on the strategic alignment decision matrix and installations plan for the fielding of the Security Forces Assistance Brigades passed
80 Readiness EB2 268 O’Halleran Requires the Secretary of the Navy to brief the Committee on impediments to recruitment and hiring of astronomers passed
81 Readiness EB2 306 Norcross To codify DODI 7041.04 in the FY2019 NDAA by requiring DoD to consider costs when making workforce decisions on whether to use a federal civilian, a contractor, or a service member passed
82 Readiness EB2 387 Cook Enables certain proceeds from sale of electrical energy generated from geothermal energy resource to be used for installation energy or water security projects at the military installation in which the geothermal energy resource is located passed
83 Readiness EB3 27 Brown Amends a reporting requirement in the mark to include review of the advisability and feasibility procuring, modifying, or otherwise modifying bridge simulators to enable high-fidelity representation of the bridge layouts and characteristics passed
84 Readiness EB3 039r1 Wilson Briefing on the feasibility of a pilot program to test new technologies and best practices in operational energy and resiliency for engine sustainment which reduces maintenance costs, improves aircraft availability rates, and lowers aircraft fuel consumption rates passed
85 Readiness EB3 114 Hunter Report on Navy-Coast Guard Arctic Strategy passed
86 Readiness EB3 144r2 Gabbard Requires the SECDEF to report to HASC on ongoing lease renewal process in Hawaii for DOD lands by July 31, 2018 passed
87 Readiness EB3 206r1 Bacon Prohibits expenditure of funding on a new medical center in Germany until the Secretary of Defense certifies the new hospital will minimize the use of Russian source fuel passed
88 Readiness EB3 230 Courtney This amendment would require that when the Secretary of a military department authorizes military personnel to perform civilian functions, those military personnel possess a military occupational specialty consistent with the civilian functions they are directed to perform passed
89 Readiness EB3 238 Murphy Requires a report on the effects of integrating modeling and simulation into the review and development of operational plans, joint training and exercises, and high-priority security cooperation initiatives passed
90 Readiness EB3 258 Scott Directs a briefing to the HASC on each military departments’ requirements, plans, and timelines for improving communications coverage and capabilities on its installations passed
91 Readiness EB3 284r1 Garamendi Provides specific authorization for a construction project at Travis Air Force Base as requested by the Air Force passed
92 Readiness EB3 386 Cook Aims to freeze a portion of the Public Schools on Military Installations list to ensure that the original top 38 schools do not lose priority because of the reassessment passed
93 Readiness EB3 400 Thornberry Would require a briefing on household goods weight allowances passed
94 Readiness EB4 3 Bordallo Addresses workforce shortage issues by providing temporary workers (construction, health care industry) for requirements directly supporting or associated with the Marines buildup and relocation from Okinawa to Guam. Exempts returning workers from the H-2B national cap only one time passed
95 Readiness EB4 251r1 Murphy Expresses the Committee’s appreciation for the value of the Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) program to recruit, develop, and retain high-quality civilian talent in the Office of Secretary of Defense passed
96 Readiness EB4 184r1 Rosen Directs the Secretaries of Defense and Energy to submit a report to the congressional defense committees on the impact that the Yucca Mountain Project would have on DoD and DoE activities at NNSS, NTTR, and other defense facilities passed
97 Readiness EB4 237 Courtney Insert bill text of HR 555, the Amateur Radio Parity Act, which has passed the House of Representatives unanimously twice, most recently on Jan 23, 2018 passed
98 Military Personnel EB1 10 Moulton Clarifies assessment criteria in the Mental Health Care in the Military Health System DRL to focus the study on how DHA’s command structure will incorporate mental health care passed
99 Military Personnel EB1 12 Moulton Would require the Mental Health Care in the Military Health System assessment in direct report language to be completed by an independent FFRDC passed
100 Military Personnel EB1 47 Davis Directs the SECDEF to report on improving delivery of mental health services passed
101 Military Personnel EB1 63 Speier Asks for a report on CTE/TBI research gaps passed
102 Military Personnel EB1 91 Gabbard Directs the Government Accountability Office to conduct a study of the Defense Health Agency’s oversight of the transition of TRICARE managed care support contractors for its TRICARE regions passed
103 Military Personnel EB1 126 Davis Directs the SECDEF to report in coordination with the Secretary of HHS and the Commissioner of Social Security, to report on the total number severely injured veterans who are no longer enrolled in TRICARE because of their enrollment in Medicare passed
104 Military Personnel EB1 200 Bacon Directs the Secretary of Defense to submit a report containing a plan to accelerate development and deliver of treatments for TBI, CTE, and PTSD passed
105 Military Personnel EB1 224 Hanabusa Establishes the Triservice Dental Research Program at the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences passed
106 Military Personnel EB1 250 Wenstrup Revises the subcommittee on military personnel markup concerning podiatry in the military by providing additional context to the reporting requirement regarding the administrative alignment of podiatric medicine across the joint force passed
107 Military Personnel EB2 9 Moulton Requires DHA to brief the committees on the MHS transition every six months until the transition is complete passed
108 Military Personnel EB2 11 Moulton Requires DoD to include questions concerning gambling addiction in annual physical health assessments and the Health Related Behaviors Survey passed
109 Military Personnel EB2 45 Davis Directs the SECDEF to report on best practices for prevention and response to sexual assault passed
110 Military Personnel EB2 092r1 Gabbard Directs the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study assessing the impacts of using established rates to reimburse covered mental health care providers on the availability of such providers passed
111 Military Personnel EB2 106 Carbajal Increasing the number of appointed directors of the Henry M Jackson foundation for the advancement of military medicine passed
112 Military Personnel EB2 222 Bishop Directs the Director of Defense Health Agency to submit a report outlining potential for incorporating CT angiography (CTA) and fractional flow reserve computed tomography (FFRct) into DoD facilities passed
113 Military Personnel EB2 226r1 Speier Requires SecDef, through the Defense Advisory Committee on Investigations, Prosecutions, and Defense (DACIPAD), to report on the frequency of punishment of victims of sexual assault for collateral misconduct passed
114 Military Personnel EB2 271 Wenstrup Requires the services to provide a briefing no later than April 1, 2019 regarding the benefits of prescribing and issuing orthotic inserts for new recruits, based on input from orthopedic and podiatric consultants within each service passed
115 Military Personnel EB2 281 O’Halleran Recognizes and honors the legacy, contributions and sacrifices of American Indian and Alaska Natives of the Armed Forces of the United States passed
116 Military Personnel EB2 324r1 Russell Report on the importance of Athletic trainers passed
117 Military Personnel EB3 016r1 DesJarlais Directs the Secretary of Defense to provide a briefing to the Committee on the feasibility of expanding commissary alcohol sales to include the sale of distilled spirits passed
118 Military Personnel EB3 50 Davis Requires the SECDEF to provide active duty and reserve service members an authoritative assessment of their earned GI Bill benefits prior to separation, retirement or release from active duty or demobilization passed
119 Military Personnel EB3 068r1 Larsen Requires a briefing on collaborative efforts to synchronize credentialing programs and effect of credentialing on employment passed
120 Military Personnel EB3 183r1 Stefanik Requires a report on the assessment of frequency of Permanent Changes of Station of members of the Armed Forces on employment among military spouses passed
121 Military Personnel EB3 220 Hanabusa Halt implementation of the 2014 DoD per diem policy, directs DoD to issue a report on options to reduce travel costs and require notification of any subsequent notifications of any subsequent changes to the DoD per diem policies following the report passed
122 Military Personnel EB3 228 Courtney When a geographic Combatant Commander submits a request to add a location to the Imminent Danger Pay eligibility list, requires the Secretary of Defense ( in actuality the USD for Personnel and Readiness) to issue a determination within 90 days passed
123 Military Personnel EB3 233 Speier Requires a report on senior leader outside employment requests and activities passed
124 Military Personnel EB3 235 Courtney Requires USD for Personnel and Readiness to submit a report on the request, adjudication and approval process for Imminent Danger Pay passed
125 Military Personnel EB3 270 O’Halleran Requires DOD to provide a briefing to the committee on interagency efforts in the transition assistance program to provide education on Federal wildland firefighting careers passed
126 Military Personnel EB3 325 Russell Program to assist members of the armed forces in obtaining professional credentials passed
127 Military Personnel EB4 42 Tsongas Requires the Secretary of Defense to organize and index the board of corrections decisions on their existing website passed
128 Military Personnel EB4 49 Davis Directs the SECDEF to report on the feasibility of permitting flexible (noncontinuous) use of maternity leave passed
129 Military Personnel EB4 098r2 Speier Changes military rules of evidence to restrict the use of general military character as a defense passed
130 Military Personnel EB4 107 Carbajal Limitation on changes to federal emergency services certification levels of the Air Force passed
131 Military Personnel EB4 131 Smith Directs the Secretary of Defense to provide a briefing on the establishment of Threat Assessment Teams at Military Treatment Facilities and the training provided to such teams passed
132 Military Personnel EB4 165 Shea-Porter Requires the Secretary of Defense to provide a report on whether DOD can deconflict reserve components and civilian deployments in order to provide adequate dwell time, determine scale of the problem, and make recommendations for procedures for RC and defense agencies to fully account for each other’s deployments passed
133 Military Personnel EB4 211 Bacon Directs the secretary of Defense to review the eligibility of the Korean Constabulary for active service under the provisions of section 401 of public law 95-202 and report his findings to the committee passed
134 Military Personnel EB4 232r1 Speier Requires military service academies to provide cadets/midshipmen an information sheet with certain resources and information regarding sexual assault resources passed
135 Military Personnel EB4 318 Turner Amends the UCMJ to require a minimum confinement period for those convicted of certain sex-related offenses passed
136 Military Personnel EB4 349 Knight Gives SECDEF authority to carry out a pilot program to improve treatment of service members for PTSD relating to military sexual trauma passed
137 Military Personnel EB5 33 Wittman Secretary of Defense report on efforts to continue utilizing small businesses for the acquisition of fresh fruits passed
138 Military Personnel EB5 046r1 Davis Directs the Comptroller General to report on Active Duty female retention passed
139 Military Personnel EB5 64 Speier Requires a report on the costs of supporting general/flag officers passed
140 Military Personnel EB5 113 Hunter Authorizes Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for Marines involved in the mission to rescue Captain Scott O’Grady passed
141 Military Personnel EB5 161 Shea-Porter Prevents dual-status military technicians who reach their time-in-service end date from losing their jobs due to separation from military service passed
142 Military Personnel EB5 162 Shea-Porter Would designate dual-status military-technician positions that were converted to Title 5 in the FY17-18 NDAAs as competitive, not excepted, service positions passed
143 Military Personnel EB5 171 O’Rourke Requires the Secretary of Defense to provide a report on unique challenges for military families that wish to adopt or foster children passed
144 Military Personnel EB5 186 Rosen Establishes Domestic Violence as a separate article under the UCMJ passed
145 Military Personnel EB5 253 Murphy Provides authority to hire faculty at the Joint Special Operations University (JSOU) under section 1595 (c) of title 10, United States Code passed
146 Military Personnel EB6 060r2 Larsen Establishes a pilot program on cryopreservation and storage passed
147 Military Personnel EB6 124r1 Hunter Prohibits revocation of valor awards unless the revocation is based on misconduct associated with the circumstances justifying the award or the awardee is convicted of a felony passed
148 Military Personnel EB6 130 Hice Authorizes the Secretary of Defense to establish a Cyber Institute at each of the senior military colleges passed
149 Military Personnel EB6 163 Shea-Porter Amends 10 USC 14308(f) to allow a Guard officer’s date of rank to be backdated, after federal recognition is granted; requires the Secretaries of the Army and Air Force to report to Congress when a promotion scroll exceeds 200 days between date received and its date of publication passed
150 Military Personnel EB6 164 Shea-Porter Requires the Secretary of the Army and the Secretary of the Air Force to review their scrolling process and report to Congress to provide timeliness of data and make recommendations for how to improve the existing process passed
151 Military Personnel EB6 199 Bacon Directs the Secretary of Defense to conduct a study to determine the feasibility of consolidating the military resale entities into a single defense resale system; prohibits further DoD actions without direction from Congress passed
152 Military Personnel EB6 208 Panetta Requests DRL on integration of advanced technologies (as per the NDS) into current professional military education programs passed
153 Military Personnel EB7 065r2 Speier Standardizes new mother deployment deferral policy across the military services, to include the Coast Guard 261r1 Gallagher Amends briefing on Military Nutrition and Diet Planning delivery date to Jan 15, 2019 passed
154 Military Personnel EB7 262r1 Gallagher Amends briefing on Military Entrance Processing Command Physical Examination Model delivery date to Jan 15, 2019 passed
155 Military Personnel EB7 292r1 Suozzi GAO report on Employment Assistance Centers 331 McEachin Applies Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) to servicemembers in the Virgin Islands passed
156 Military Personnel EB7 338 Gallego Requirement to ensure that information about apprenticeships is included in separation counseling passed
157 Military Personnel EB7 407 Abraham Requires a report on the effectiveness of National Guard Bureau behavioral health programs passed
158 Strategic Forces EB1 17 DesJarlais Directs NNSA Administrator to provide a brief to the committee on actions taken and recommended statutory changes that could be implemented to streamline security clearance investigations for the nuclear security enterprise passed
159 Strategic Forces EB1 29 Cooper Designates lead to coordinate common solutions for M-code modernization, integration, testing and procurement efforts. Reports NLT March, 15 2019 and annually through 2021 on the modernization effort passed
160 Strategic Forces EB1 069r1 Larsen Directs SecAF to brief on supply chain for in-space propulsion thrusters passed
161 Strategic Forces EB1 201 Larsen Extends the required annual report on the nuclear weapons stockpile, nuclear weapons complex, nuclear weapons delivery systems, and nuclear weapons command and control (established in the FY12 NDAA) through FY 2022 passed
162 Strategic Forces EB1 242r2 Hunter Requires a briefing on currently deployed satellite communications terminals passed
163 Strategic Forces EB1 307 Norcross Requires the Secretary of Defense to designate a component of DOD to be responsible for coordination of information relating to using commercially hosted payloads passed
164 Strategic Forces EB1 348 Knight Requires the Administrator of NASA submit a report on acquisition strategy for Low Boom Flight Demonstrator passed
165 Strategic Forces EB1 374 Lamborn Amends section 1601 of the bill to include training related to planning and executing warfighting missions and operations in space as part of the career progression for the civilian and military members of the Air Force’s space cadre passed
166 Strategic Forces EB1 392r1 Lamborn Emphasizes the importance of maintaining warfighter capabilities during commercial imagery transition. Specifies criteria of imagery to include reliability, capability, and cost to ensure quality support for operational needs passed
167 Strategic Forces EB2 15r1 DesJarlais Directs NNSA administrator to provide recommendations for further streamlining and accelerating construction of non-nuclear facilities 19r1 Gabbard Requires the SECDEF brief the HASC on the cruise missile defense of Hawaii and the homeland, in the event of a conflict with Russia or China, and the benefits of using a cruise missile defense system in Hawaii passed
168 Strategic Forces EB2 59r2 Larsen Prohibits funding for retaining the option for or developing a mobile variant of the GBSD through FY 2020 passed
169 Strategic Forces EB2 210 Bishop Amends several sections of a report regarding dual domestic suppliers of solid rocket motors passed
170 Strategic Forces EB2 223 Hanabusa Directs the Secretary of Defense, in coordination with the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to provide to the House Armed Services Committee a briefing on warfighter coordination in the event of an incoming ballistic missile attack to the homeland passed
171 Strategic Forces EB2 278r1 Brooks Requires the Missile Defense Agency to brief the House Armed Services Committee on the costs and integration required to deploy MQ-9 Reapers with advanced sensors to the Pacific Command and Central Command areas of responsibility passed
172 Strategic Forces EB2 287r1 Garamendi Report by NNSA Administrator and Chairman of the Nuclear Weapons Council on status of W78 replacement, also referred to as the IW-1 program passed
173 Strategic Forces EB2 304 Norcross Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report following release of the ballistic missile defense review that addresses the implications for planned programs of record, costs and resource prioritization, and strategic stability passed
174 Strategic Forces EB2 369r1 Lamborn Amends sections 211 and 1663 of the bill to keep the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering in the direct approval chain for Missile Defense Agency prototyping and follow-on efforts, and ensures the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment remains involved in missile defense production decisions passed
175 Strategic Forces EB2 380r1 Lamborn Amends report language requiring a briefing from the Missile Defense Agency on hypersonic defense to specifically address hypersonic threats demonstrated and being pursued by Russia and China passed
176 Full committee EB1 020r1 Gabbard Requires reporting on Acquisition and Cross Servicing Agreements every 180 days. Reporting will include the country, date, text, dollar amount, and an assessment as to whether or not it falls within US national security interests passed
177 Full committee EB1 35 Wittman Address potential of harmful use of Lowest Price Technically Acceptable (LPTA) for acquiring complex systems, including command and control systems or services for the installation of command and control systems on ships passed
178 Full committee EB1 71 Larsen Expands access to payment protections available to small business working on federal government construction projects passed
179 Full committee EB1 073r1 Cook Prohibits the acquisition of sensititive materials from non-allied foreign nations passed
180 Full committee EB1 120r1 Davis Directs the SECDEF to provide a briefing on Defense Acquisition University ability to adequately train students to write acquisition requirements as well as its ability to adequately train students on the appropriate use of OTAs passed
181 Full committee EB1 129r1 Smith Amends 2322a of title 10 USC to: (a) codify existing DFARS policy on noncommercial software rights, and (b) mandate to the max extent practicable that specially negotiated licenses be used for weapon systems noncommercial software passed
182 Full committee EB2 152 Shea-Porter Amends the contractor inventory statute reporting thresholds to cover $144 billion of contract services passed
183 Full committee EB2 215 McSally Expresses the sense of Congress that aggregates, copper, molybendum, gold, zinc, nickel, lead, silver, and certain fertilizer compounds should be added to the “critical minerals list” ordered by Executive Order 13817 passed
184 Full committee EB2 276 Moulton Appoints an existing Small Business Administration official to coordinate training and programs to serve as the SBA liaison to the Broadband Opportunity Council passed
185 Full committee EB2 366 Knight Requires an establishment of a goal of 15 days for small business to be reimbursed passed
186 Full committee EB2 368r1 Knight Requires report on DOD use of previous authority to recycle rare earth element waste passed
187 Full committee EB2 393 Scott Would extend the sunset of the program on overseas contracting passed
188 Full committee EB3 48 Davis Directs the Secretary of Defense to provide a briefing on efforts to support appropriately vetted Syrian opposition forces in increasing the inclusion of women in security and governance processes and any plans to initiate or expand such efforts passed
189 Full committee EB3 078r2 Cook Directs the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State to submit a report outlining threats to National Security emanating from the Western Hemisphere passed
190 Full committee EB3 95 Hartzler Directs the Department of Defense to brief the committee on efforts to ensure seamless transition of security clearance investigations between authorized investigation agencies, and efforts to ensure security clearance reciprocity is a consideration for implementation of continuous evaluation passed
191 Full committee EB3 97 Speier Requires the Department of Defense to publicly disclose top-line troop levels in each country unless the Secretary of Defense certifies to Congress there are national security reasons for not doing so or a deployment is less than 30 days passed
192 Full committee EB3 137r1 Moulton Expresses support for US interagency efforts to combat terrorism with allies in North Africa and Sahel due to the declining security situation in the region and requires briefing from the Departments of Defense & State Department to Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees passed
193 Full committee EB3 197r1 Gabbard Prohibits authorized funds from being made available to support Al-Qaeda, ISIS Jabat Fatah al Sham, or any organization that USG designates may sell or trade arms with terrorists organizations passed
194 Full committee EB3 257r1 Scott Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report with an assessment of the assistance that Department of Defense is providing to lead US government agencies to combat the opioid crisis passed
195 Full committee EB3 297 Conaway Report on the number of audit professionals utilized by the Department of Defense passed
196 Full committee EB3 356r1 Gallego Report on NORTHCOM response to Hurricane Maria passed
197 Full committee EB4 41 Wilson Sense of Congress regarding Russia’s violations of the Chemical Weapon Convention passed
198 Full committee EB4 74 Cook Raises the cap on small-scale construction from $750,000 to $2 million passed
199 Full committee EB4 173 O’Rourke Changes eligibility for ex gratia payments for damage, personal liability, or death that is incident to combat operations of the Armed Forces to include Somalia, Libya, and Yemen in addition to Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria passed
200 Full committee EB4 145 Cheney Amends the FY18 NDAA to include language clarifying the requirements of the Secretary of Defense when/if the Secretary decides to certify the return of certain veterans memorial objects would be in the national security interest of the United States passed
201 Full committee EB4 205 Bacon Sense of Congress on the age of the OC-135 fleet, requires SECAF to report on the viability of the OC-135 and authorizes a suspension of OC-135 operations for undue risk or excessive cost passed
202 Full committee EB4 354r1 Gallego Report on casualty estimates for North Korean Armed Conflict passed
203 Full committee EB5 088r1 Gabbard Requires the Secretary of Defense to submit a report to HASC describing the manner in which the Department of Defense provides assistance to the government of Pakistan passed
204 Full committee EB5 136r1 Gabbard Requires additional reporting on India’s status as a major defense partner, to include: progress on enabling agreements, interoperability, limitations, actions US and India are/should take to advance the relationship passed
205 Full committee EB5 246r2 Gallagher Reaffirms the US commitment to defend South Korea, Japan, and Australia, including with its nuclear deterrent. Asserts that the presence of US forces on the Korean Peninsula should remain strong and enduring passed
206 Full committee EB5 294 Conaway Expresses a Sense of Congress in support of the country of Georgia passed
207 Full committee EB5 295r1 Conaway Statement of policy on naval transfers to Japan 299 Conaway Ensure new or altered IT systems are audit compliant 302r2 Conaway Directs the Department of Defense to report on senior civilian or military responsible for audit and financial management efforts passed
208 Full committee EB5 303 Conaway Expresses a Sense of Congress in support of Baltic nations passed
209 Full committee EB5 359 Larsen Report on the New Start Treaty and US national security interests passed
210 Full committee EB5 384 Wilson Extension of additional limitations with respect to Pakistan passed
211 Full committee EB6 146r1 Cheney Amends section 866 of the bill to include a requirement that the DNI, in coordination with the Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security, State, and the Director of the FBI, provide a report on the threat that Huawei and ZTE pose in both a classified and unclassified form passed
212 Full committee EB6 181r2 O’Rourke Requires a report on the US military strategy in Yemen passed
213 Full committee EB6 198r1 Bacon Increases transparency of China’s maritime and air activities in the Indo-Pacific region through a reporting requirement to the appropriate committees and public notification including imagery and supporting analysis passed
214 Full committee EB6 203r2 Langevin Requires a report on security cooperation with Haiti passed
215 Full committee EB6 248r2 Gallagher Expresses a Sense of Congress that, pursuant to the Taiwan Travel Act, a service Secretary or Member of the Joint Chiefs should visit Taiwan for a senior-level defense engagement; also requires a briefing on plans for any senior-level defense engagement passed
216 Full committee EB6 266 Wenstrup Directs the Director of National Intelligence to commission and produce a National Intelligence Estimate on Russian and Chinese interference in democratic countries around the world, including the United States passed
217 Full committee EB6 291r1 Suozzi Requires a report on military and security cooperation between Iran and the Russian Federation, particularly in respect to Syria passed
218 Full committee EB6 293r2 Scott Requires a review and report on Leahy law regarding gross violations of human rights passed
219 Full committee EB6 316 Turner Technical correction to Section 1621, Roles and Responsibilities of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence passed
220 Full committee EB6 340r1 Gallego Certification requirement for withdrawal of US forces from South Korea 405 Conaway Makes corrections to section 866 – Definitions passed
221 Full committee EB7 13 DesJarlais Limits authorization of funds for travel and transportation of NNSA personnel until the NNSA submits an unfunded prioritized list that contains at least one unfunded priority, for fiscal years 2020-2024 passed
222 Full committee EB7 026r1 Brown Increase amount for major T&E investments (RDTE, Navy, Line 185) by $6 million. Reduce funding for defense research science (RDT&E, Defense Wide, Line 02) by $6 million passed
223 Full committee EB7 44 Tsongas Increases Army R&D account for Warfighter Technology Directorate by $5 million while reducing two Army R&D accounts by $2.5 million each. Funding will be used to improve body armor, helmets, and other personal protective equipment passed
224 Full committee EB7 056r2 Speier Requires shock test results from earlier Ford class ship to be incorporated into CVN 81 design 084r1 Veasey Encourages the Air Force to conduct core sampling along the proposed route of a major utility infrastructure project at Joint Base San Antonio passed
225 Full committee EB7 090r1 Moulton Requests all funding for DOD’s ghost fleet overlord project be held until all USV R&D efforts are transferred to NAVSEA, duplication in USV R&D be combined, and a program of record USV is completed passed
226 Full committee EB7 104r2 Speier Requires USD for Research and Engineering to submit to the Congressional Defense Committees a report on how DIUx activities will be sufficiently tied into the broader activities of the Department of Defense passed
227 Full committee EB7 108r1 Carbajal Increasing funding by $2.0 million for female personal protective equipment passed
228 Full committee EB7 116r1 Hunter Link 16 Handheld Radios for USSOCOM passed
229 Full committee EB7 117r1 Hunter JAGM-F for USN and USMC passed
230 Full committee EB8 138r3 Moulton Reporting requirement concerning cyber-enabled information operations to detail the Administration’s actions to protect US national security, estimate the resources necessary, and analyze the impact of such operations passed
231 Full committee EB8 175 Stefanik Directs the Army to ensure the Lower Tier Air and Missile Defense Sensor performance specification (PSPEC) specifies certain requirements and utilizes evaluation criteria that enables understanding of the cost/value of procuring this advanced capability 202 Langevin Increases funding for advanced tactical computer science and sensor technologies passed
232 Full committee EB8 225r2 Speier Increases funding for boards of corrections staff to ensure they can handle increased caseload passed
233 Full committee EB8 254 Murphy Adds a section to the report on the establishment of the Army Futures Command to include a description of headquarters stationing selection criteria and methodology passed
234 Full committee EB8 256 Scott Adjust the funding in line 26 to line 32 to support the Committee’s decision to add $67.2 million to support four F-15C EPAWSS production kits in FY19 passed
235 Full committee EB8 277r2 Graves Authorizes a Commemorative Program for the 75th Anniversary of World War II through the Office of the Secretary of Defense passed
236 Full committee EB8 279r1 Suozzi Requires a report on Hizballah, particularly in respect to Israel’s border security: to include an accounting of Hizballah’s known rocket arsenal, detailed description of known supply routes used in their legal procurement of weapons, evaluation of UNIFIL mandate, among other things passed
237 Full committee EB8 283r1 Garamendi Requires NNSA administrator to conduct a study on the potential to re-use plutonium pits passed
238 Full committee EB8 361 Larsen Increases funding for F/A-18 squadron research by $2.5 million to facilitate engine noise reduction engineering passed
239 Full committee EB8 377r1 Lamborn Increases the scope of US missile defense cooperation in the Indo-Pacific region to include India passed
240 Full committee EB8 379r1 Lamborn Strikes section 1607 of the bill and inserts language to prohibit funding the Air Force’s duplicative efforts to develop space situational awareness software when there are many existing commercial capabilities passed
241 Full committee EB8 382r2 Graves To increase funding for Procurement of MQ-9 Reaper for two additional aircraft passed
242 Full committee EB8 390 Turner Would add funding to structural biology techniques 391 Turner Would add funding to competitively awarded transition programs from nonengine development technology passed
243 Full committee EB8 394 Cheney Requires the SecDef to develop and maintain a list of emerging and foundational technologies; the Secretary shall use this list to inform DOD’s position on interagency processes passed