RAO Bulletin Update 15 September 2007

All Hands [9/15/07]

This is to advise that there willl be no 15 SEP Bulletin Update. On 1 SEP (a few hours after I put out the 1 SEP Bulletin) a burgular entered our bedroom where we were sleeping via an unlatched window and stole my computer. Thus, I have been off line since then because of delays in obtaining a replacement computer and software that is compatable with my stored files in my external hard drive. I purchased a new HP state of the art computer for $2600 and found to my dismay that the VISTA operating system all new computers come with was not user friendly and totally unacceptable to use for the Bulletin. Turns out, it takes 2 to 3 times as long to use as Windows XP and would not load the majority of my Word & Excel files from my external hard drive in which I was backing files up from XP. I have lost all but a few of my 2005, 2006 & 2007 files with the excpetion of the 9000+ files I had in Outlook. At the moment the Hewart Packard local dealer is backloading the new computer with Windows XP so I can hopefully go back to work on the Bulletin. An additional problem is that I can no longer access the Internet from my home in the Philippines because the new computers use stage 3 wireless hardware and in the PI they have only reached stage 2 technology. Thus the existing PCMCIA cards available for wireless online operation do not fit the new computer’s slot and adapters are unobtainable.

At the moment I have about 800 messages that I have not answered. As soon as possible I will act on these. Fortunately, my Bulletin email directory of 63,000+ subscribers is maintained by a Mailing List Provider in Europe which I access online so I can send this message to you. If you have any email addee changes continue to send them and I will eventually be able to act on them. Request you not respond to this message until I am back on line. At the moment I cannot be sure there will be a 1 OCT Bulletin Update but hopefully I will be back in operation for a 15 OCT Update.

Lessons learned are keep your windows latched, check them nighlty, and do not get involved with VISTA.

Lt. James “EMO” Tichacek
Director, RAO Bulletin